Sunset Park and Red Hook are some of the most multicultural neighborhoods in New York City, which includes diverse Latino, Asian-American, and African-American communities.  Our diversity is our strength, and we bring a lot to the table in Brooklyn’s political landscape.

Although the residents of Sunset Park and Red Hook are very civically engaged, there has not been a multicultural political club in many years.  Rooted in the 51st Assembly District, Southwest Brooklyn Democrats works to build the people power of our diverse communities. And regardless of where you reside, we welcome all who share our vision and values to join us.

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The Southwest Brooklyn Democrats began in late 2017, following the successful re-election campaign of Council Member Carlos Menchaca.  Council Member Menchaca ran a campaign that emphasized inclusion of all our neighbors in civic life, regardless of their immigration status, language, or age.  He shared a positive, inclusive message that focused on direct democracy, strong advocacy for immigrants, and workers’ rights. We are proud to embody that message in the work that our political club does.

When Council Member Menchaca originally ran for office in 2013, he challenged the incumbent elected official with fresh ideas-- as well as thousands and thousands of door knocks.  We are inspired by the energy he has brought to the district, as well as new voices that were not at the table but are now at the center.

Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, whose district includes Sunset Park and Red Hook, has warmly supported Council Member Menchaca’s leadership.  Congresswoman Velázquez is the ranking member on the House’s Small Business Committee, and was the first Puerto Rican woman elected to the U.S. House of Republicans.  She has been at the forefront of Hurricane Maria recovery efforts, and has called for a complete write-off of the island’s debt, as well as providing students who relocate with New York in-state tuition.  Her district is the only tri-borough Congressional district, and she represents part of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.

We are inspired by the vision and hard work of Council Member Menchaca and Congresswoman Velázquez, and we will embody their message of inclusion and multiculturalism in all that we do.